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If you require immediate ambulance assistance call our 24/7 hotline on 6258 5525 now.

Medic Ambulance is a leading provider of Singapore ambulance services and has been in operations via its predecessor company since 2007.

Medic Ambulance is part of the SCDF 1777 ambulance service and operates 24/7. Medic Ambulance is always available to attend to ambulance requirements in Singapore as well as Medical Evacuation operations around the region.

Medic Ambulance has trained nurses and medical professionals with full access to doctors available. Medic Ambulance is committed to providing the highest level of reliability, competence and safety for our emergency ambulance, medical transport and standby services.

Urgent and Emergency Situations

Ambulances in Singapore are often the first point of medical contact and are critical in getting patients to the nearest hospital for full medical attention. Medic Ambulance is a proud service provider for the 1777 service and is able to provide an immediate response. Click here to better understand the 995 / 1777 services provided by SCDF.

Patient Transfers

Patient transfers are generally regular pre-scheduled transport trips (single / roundtrip) to hospital appointments and clinic appointments. Transport to and from physiotherapist sessions are also very common. Patient transfers are usually carried out on a pre-scheduled basis and we try to keep our pricing as affordable as possible. Click here for more on Patient Transfers.

Event Medical Cover

Medical Ambulance helps make events safe and successful. Medic Ambulance provides onsite medical coverage and first aid standby with ambulances and teams available for immediate transport for events such as Marathons, Sports Events, Concerts etc. The team will include registered nurses, doctors and paramedics as required. Click here for more on Event Medical Cover.

Singapore Ambulance FAQs

Why use an ambulance in Singapore?

Ambulances know where the nearest hospitals are, and will get patients faster to the A&E department than any other form of transport...

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